Saturday, August 8, 2009

you're friend indeed

Leon had his ways. He didn't want Cher to think he'd forgotten about her completely. He showed up where she was staying. She'd just finished up with her exercises to help her in this transition of hers. Of course, the world was still dark to her. She at least could find her way with a metal cane now.

Leon was waiting for her in her room.

"Who's here?"

"Its me." Leon spoke. He knew she'd know just by his thick accent. "Your friend from Canada." He smiled then.

"How did you find me?" She wanted to know.

"Does it matter? How are you?"

"Good." Cher grinned, but Leon wasn't sure he believed her. He came to her closer and shut the door behind her of her private room and kissed her.

"How bad is it?" Leon winced wondering if he could possibly stand himself anymore. After all, he was sleeping with the enemy now wasn't he? But at least he had him where he wanted him.

"I'm getting used to it." She nodded. Although she was looking at someone else, it seemed.

"Are you sure?" A part of him felt so devastated by the reality of it as he came around her and whispered it in her ear.

She shivered. He couldn't help but smile at her heighten senses. Leon wrapped himself around her as he reached under her shirt to touch her belly as he kissed her neck. The cane fell in silence, and he brought her to bed then.

Finally she found his lips and he nudged on to finger her so quaintly as they had so much catching up to do. It pleased him that she'd wanted him so quickly. He basked in her touches. It felt like an experiment of some kind. Honestly, it made the fucking all the more enlightening. She was beautiful, and he was tempted to tell her what she wanted to hear. That he would be here for her. No matter what.

"I'll take you away, soon." He told her as he kissed her on the side of the forehead. "I will. Just get better."

Leon was certain he needed to take care of her, somehow. He would. Some way. Soon.