Friday, September 26, 2008


Honestly, Leon hated being alone. He thought it might be forever before he saw Cher, again. It might very well be. She was definitely giving him the silent treatment at home and anywhere else.

He was supposed to be at the Uni, wasn't he? Of course, he could make the grade right from his computer if he wanted. But perhaps, he might see Lux and she might need something.

Well, it went in bouts with her. She usually surrounded herself with friends. Mostly Cher. And of course, her cell phone and what not. She was a busy girl. So to speak.

But on occasion, she did have time for him. She did in the beginning.

Perhaps she just thought of him as intriguing. That was it. Something different. As if she liked foreign things that she'd never admit too.

Maybe he'd buy her pie and she'd let him feed it to her. Ha, he thought.

She seemed back in good with Jonah. It was if he'd never left. Such a pity. Because, he really didn't call that love nor lust. Perhaps a trust fund for the both of them. It was all so irritating. She'd been no fun at all, lately. It was as if she was gearing up for an all time chess game of some sort. A competition.

And there was no sign of Cher, either. It was all beginning to get to him. Maybe he'd go do laundry and watch a peep show.

But about that time as he was coming through the plaza he literally bumped into Cher's so called boyfriend. Drex.

Pencils went flying and Drex's notebook of sketches flung to the cement.

"So, sorry," Leon said picking up the notebook and saw the nude drawings.

"I didn't get much sleep last night," Drex nodded. "Its my fault."

"These are quite good, you know," Leon smiled at him. "Drex, right? Cher's friend."

"Oh, its you, her housemate-" Drex sounded as if he'd forgotten his name.


"Oh, sorry, I keep forgetting names. Why did I even get up today?" Drex yawned.

"How about a cup of java to keep you going?" Leon shrugged. There was a Starbuck's right around the corner. "Its the least I could do."

"OK." Drex yawned once more.

"Stop that, you're making me tired all ready." Leon chuckled as they walked together then to the cafe.

"Sorry, I have no idea where Cher went last night. Maybe she's avoiding me," Drex said as they walked toward the throng of people, coming and going at the University.

"I highly doubt that." Leon assured him. "Perhaps, she was just preoccupied."

Finally they put in their order and found a booth.

"I guess so." Drex shrugged.

"She'll make it up to you, I'm sure." Leon kept smiling.

"I'm not sure I want her too," Drex told him as their drinks came. "I mean, I don't want to be a bother. I'd rather not attempt this when maybe there is nothing to attempt, anyway."

"What do you mean?" Leon winced.

"It all seems so forced." Drex confided. "It shouldn't have to be that way."

"Well, maybe you just don't know each other well enough yet," Leon shrugged, wondering what he was getting at. Actually, he didn't want there to be anything. Did he?

He caught Drex studying his face. Leon just smiled. Maybe he didn't really know this Drex at all from the look he was giving him. But then maybe he did.

"Look, maybe, the three of us could go out for dinner, sometime," Leon suggested. "You know, just for a laugh." But then Leon wondered just who would Drex really be laughing with.


UmassSlytherin said...

Just checked this out and it's really awesome! I love the way you describe the characters and how they look: I feel as if I could reach out and touch their face, their hair.

Very well done, can't wait for more! Awesome!

jules said...

another good episode :)

yuri said...

leon's just the best writer ever ;)

autumn said...

my two favorite guys meet. lol.