Tuesday, September 30, 2008

going out

Drex looked quite lost to Leon when he found him in the lobby. He didn't actually look like he needed to go out in that silly T of his with the CPR instructions on it. And he looked as if he just got out of bed with that messy hair of his. Yet there was something delightful in his look. Leon knew he wanted to see him.

"Have you been ill, my friend?" Leon put his arm around his shoulder to guide him toward the club they were going just a few blocks away.

"Just tired, I guess." Drex sighed. Only Leon was sure it was more than just school. He didn't seem quite right.

"Are you sure that's it?"

"I guess." Leon didn't think he seemed so sure. He'd been keeping to himself or so he told Leon about Johanna and his brother.

"Everyone seems to have someone, but me." Drex finally confessed.

"You just need to get out more," Leon smiled as they found the place, that was dark but moody with jazz. They found them a cozy booth to sit in.

Leon then brought them a bottle of red wine to share. There was good hearty jazz to listen too and of course, cigarettes.


jules said...

im starting to love ur post! :) so exciting. :)

salve said...

eewwww. so romantic hehe

autumn said...

i can be Drex's drink buddy, too. weeee. lol.

Justkyut said...

this guy is in love you with you pare *_-