Monday, September 22, 2008

just a test

They were so close to the real deal. So close. Leon could almost taste it. How come Cher had to think about Lux so suddenly?

They were in his room. His world. She had nothing on. Neither did he. And it was sexy and possibly too sexy for Cher.

"Where's Anthony?" She leaned up on her elbows on his bed as if she should escape now. He knew right where to finger her the most and now something was tighter than Fort Knox.

"How should I know," Leon's smart smile spread across his lean face. "I think he's with the one. Maybe."

"The one?" Cher looked puzzled.

"Its really not worth discussing, actually." He shrugged with a sleepy look.

"Try me." She puckered her lower lip just a bit.

"Oh, I will try you. Believe me, I will try you." He chuckled then toying with tiny cross necklace she wore. His finger dropped between her bare breasts and down her belly. It gave her a shiver. He knew he was on the right track.

"I really love it when you come to my room." He stared a little but not so much because she was taking him in too.

"I shouldn't though, I have to stop doing this." She closed her eyes then as if it was all too much. This thing they had going. Which had only lasted all of thirty minutes or so. Up until then they were just smoke buddies. Although, they weren't smoking what Lux supposed they were smoking.

"Why shouldn't you?" He stared at her as if it were a challenge. then.

"Because, I'm supposed to be dating her boyfriend's brother. That's why?" She began to fidget just a bit.

"Is he your boyfriend?"


"End of story."

"But she thinks he is."

"If he doesn't think of you that way, then why should you, aye?" He wanted to know leaning in to that must have kiss that would hopefully fuck her thinking up once more.


jules said...

wow is this rather new?! :)

jules said...

let me read! :)

yuri said...

pretty nice blog. kind of novel.

yuri said...

where are you getting all these pictures? are they ur friends?

leon said...

Oh looked on flickr. Made a mosiac. That's French actor Gasparkd Uillel (something like that) He was in Hannibal Rising.

autumn said...

yay. Leon. thanks for sharing this to me. weeee. =]

Justkyut said...

Hey Ivy! I'll start =)