Monday, September 29, 2008

simple as that

Leon was busy on his computer playing poker. He was winning. Good thing. Things were getting a bit slim around him for his comfort zone.

There was no Cher to play with. No way of knowing how Lux was really doing with all her Jonah time going. Did she actually even find the guy attractive? Leon found him rather to be a hot head. Not that they'd ever spoken to each other. It was just as well. Leon didn't want to know the likes of him, and yet, he found his brother so sweet.

His cell rang.

It was Drex.

"Are you doing anything?" Drex asked.

Leon supposed it might be best to clear up his winnings before he started losing. "Just finishing up a bit of homework." Leon informed him. "But I should be done in a couple of minutes. What's up?"

"Nothing." He sounded a little bleak.

"Well, lets change that. You could come down, you know."

"I'd rather not see Cher if I can help it." Again he sounded so sad that he might need some cheering up.

"She stood you up again?"

"She hasn't returned any of my calls."

"Why don't we go out for a drink?" Leon suggested then. "I'll meet you in the lobby in ten minutes."

Sometimes, this was so easy. Leon smiled when he thought of how it might be with Drex. But he already had a best friend, didn't he?

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autumn said...

i feel sad for Drex. can i just be the one to cheer him up? lol.