Tuesday, September 23, 2008

under her skin

"So no worries? Right?" They'd Frenched and then some, and Leon knew he shouldn't have spoken so soon.


"It was nothing." She was under him now. Obviously, it was working. The kiss. The touch. Whatever.

She was so, how could he put it. Exotic. Yes, pretty much. Perhaps her tan would have been richer any place else. The West coast. The Riviera. But they were in New York City. They all looked like washed out vampires here. Pity, he thought. Just the same her mother was from India wasn't she or was it her father who was some native of a virgin somewhere. He really wasn't listen. He was absorbing.

Only it still registered in that empty sometimes head of his as just blah, blah, blah....blah.

In fact, he'd just started this to perhaps make Lux jealous. Had she thought of him at all? Really? So doubtful. It left him sad quite a bit, but this. This was cheering him up quite a bit.

"Suppose you made Lux jealous." He wanted to think out loud, but he didn't. Instead he moved in with a kiss and a touch then. And she smiled at him and he savored how she wanted him. If only he could get under her skin. Oh, he would. And adore every bit of it.

He kissed her eye-lids then her lips, her neck, on to the nipples. But he couldn't stop there. He knew exactly where she needed him the most. Wasn't going to let that go. He'd make it worth her while. She had to stay. She was definitely going to stick around till the wee morning hours.

Leon would definitely see to that.

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autumn said...

i like the pic you got for Lux, very pretty.

i am definitely going to love this story. for i simply love Leon. lol.