Thursday, September 25, 2008

who could it be

"CHER!" Lux's voice carried and it made Cher flinch.

She tightened the sheet around her.

"Shh." Leon got up tucked their clothes under his bed and pulled the blankets over them. "She never comes in here." he whispered. But she was walking down the hall then. He didn't think she'd dare take another step.

Leon motioned for Cher to hide under the covers. Quick. On his side. Lower. Well, just enough.

He fluffed his pillow up, pulled on his wire rim glasses and grabbed a book from the floor.

The door knob turned. He knew he forgot something, but if she wanted in bad enough. She had the key. Lux was coming in.

"What's wrong?" He looked up from his book then as if he didn't care if Lux saw him half naked or anything else.

She went no further than the door. It was hardly enough light for even Leon to see from his reading lamp.

"Have you seen Cher?"

"I don't think so. Didn't she have a date tonight with that Drex fellow?" Leon wince pushing his glasses up more.

"That's just it. Drex can't seem to find her. I was just wondering-"

"I've been studying forever here. That's all." Leon smiled with a shrug.

"Sorry to bother you." But he could tell Lux was devastated. Cher was her truest friend in the world.

"That's quite all right." He squirmed just a bit. Honestly, couldn't Lux hurry it up. "Night." Maybe it was morning. Four in the morning, in fact. It wasn't too early for a morning hard on, was it?

Lux shut the door behind her.

Leon pushed the heavy covers back and pulled off his glasses. Cher was giggling. Her dark hair in her face. She blew at the sticky sweaty bangs. They hardly budged.

"So you were really supposed to be with him, aye?" Leon grinned.

"He makes me depressed." She shrugged.

"That's definitely not the case with me," Leon assured her.

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autumn said...

Cher is bad for not meeting Drex. hmf. lol.