Monday, October 20, 2008

at the movie

Cher sat in between them at the movies. Not exactly the way Drex nor Leon had wanted it go, yet, Drex pretty much expected it.

Victim was a black and white film. Quite unusual for its time in the sixites. It was news to them that it was a time homosexuals were put in jail if found out about their sexual acts. Therefore, many were blackmailed during that era to pay off those who would have otherwise turned them in.

It just gave Drex a chill. He was glad he didn't live in London during the sixties. Cher tried to taunt him with popcorn, but he didn't give in. Neither did Leon which surprised Drex.

"You have to at least try to enjoy her company, a little," Drex said while they went to the restroom together after the show.

"No, I don't want to stir her in the wrong direction," Leon informed him even looking away when Drex peed.

"Ok," Drex zipped his pants up and washed his hands. "Oh, I forgot, we've got dinner planned with Johanna and Anthony tomorrow.

"So we can't stay in," Leon was vague.

"No, well, later."

"How about right now?" Leon smiled.

"We gotta take Cher home."

Leon looked sleepily. He sighed then as if he missed Drex already.


justkyut said...

anxious to get home Leon

Hey Ivy!

autumn said...

lol. they're so naughty.