Thursday, October 16, 2008

back to basics

Leon hadn't expected to see the drawings in Drex's notebook. He couldn't help but smile.

"You're so good," Leon told him. So perfect just from memory. It shocked Leon. They were back in Drex's room, sitting on his bed. "But me?" He couldn't help but smile more as he played with Drex's thick curls just as he had at the plaza. He guess there was no need to now that they were alone. "You shouldn't have."

"You're all I think about," Drex confessed.

Leon sighed letting the notebook fall to the floor. He kissed Drex then.

"And just what sort of things were you doing to me?" Drex's lips were so kissable that Leon couldn't help but want more as he unbutton Drex's shirt and play with the fine hair on his chest.

"I don't know, maybe I was just thinking what you do to me," Drex whispered back in Leon's ear as he toyed with Drex's nipples.

With that, Leon pulled Drex's shirt off him and kissed him madly while he pushed him out of his jeans. Leon took in his warmth immediately. Drex was so hard already that Leon could hardly stand it. He stripped immediately and laid by Drex's side. His fingers slid down Drex's chest until he tugged at Drex's cock.

There kisses were open and longing. Drex touched him too. His thighs. His errection. It was awkward, perhaps, but still a must, playing which each other's equipment, turning just so to make the most of each other. Finally, Leon took Drex down after almost cuming in Drex's mouth.
He felt so strong, grinding in, slightly pulling out to take his time, but to push in to get the full moment of satisfaction, just waiting to get Drex's reaction with his muscles and his tension. He pushed his hands on Drex's back, riding out the moment that he wanted so quickly and yet wanted it to last until it practically zapped him of his strength. It rocked through him until he could barely breathe. He might of looked sleepy, but he was very awake.

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autumn said...

hmmm. seems like another sweaty, i mean, sweet moment. lol.