Sunday, October 19, 2008


Leon awoke with Drex next to him. The lights were on. He closed his eyes.

"What time is it?" Leon just didn't want to move. "Don't tell me its morning."

"No." Drex just smiled. "But it might as well be. We have to go to a movie with Cher."

"Oh, really." Leon yawned turning away from Drex hoping he'd rub his back.

"I said I'd find you, and we'd go with her," Drex breathed in Leon's ear then. "She sort of knows something is up."

"What?" He was still sleepily, but he suddenly awoke. He hoped she hadn't said anything about him to Drex. "What did she say?"

"She thinks you're preoccupied with someone." Drex nibbled at his earlobe then.

Leon just smiled turning back to Drex. They Frenched then. Finally Leon whispered in Drex's ear. "Why don't you give her a call and tell her you didn't find me."

"No, we've put this off long enough. We can do this. Lets go. Besides sounds like a fascinating film. Its the first film to ever utter the word homosexual. Its British too. So its got to be good." Drex pulled at Leon to get up.

"Fine." Leon sighed. "We'll go, but we'll just go. Don't make too much out of anything, you know about us to Cher."

"You want us to keep it a secret?" Drex squinted.

"Yes." Leon told him. He got up to get dressed then. "We could really use a shower, you know."

"No, if we do that then we'll never go, you know." Drex sighed.

"OK, I'm getting dressed. I guess I'll have to wear one of your shirts." Leon looked at his T-shirt on Drex.

"Sure, sorry about that."

"I don't mind." Leon smiled giving Drex a kiss. Really, he was in no rush to get to the movie.


autumn said...

sweet. exchanging shirts. lol.

justkyut said...

Leon doesn't want to go. Cher might smell something