Friday, October 10, 2008

in the afternoon

Leon tried to slow down, but he kept walking faster. Looking around. Hoping he didn't see anyone who would know him. Especially, Cher. If she showed up at the lobby, he might as well throw up.

What was this? The day to keep secrets? He took the elevator. Luckily, he was alone. He was carrying his back pack just on one shoulder. Leon did his best to look as if he was on his way to study. He tried his best to stay somber. As if he hated the world and everything in it.

He tapped on the door, lightly. No answer. Leon shut his eyes tight. He'd have to ring the doorbell after all.

The waiting was taking a toll on him. What if Drex wasn't even here? What reason would he give him? Was it a good enough reason?

Finally, the door open slightly. Drex peeked out. Leon let him slide through the crack. Leon felt his heart start to beat faster when he saw Drex. Both remained even lipped, staring at each other. They both cracked up in laughter and went to Drex's room.

Leon had brought a bottle of red wine.

"You really didn't have too," Drex shrugged.

"Whatever." Leon left it on his trashed desk stacked with books and just smiled at Drex who gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

Drex hesitated then with a sigh as if maybe he should have waited. Leon just stared into his crystal blue eyes then grabbed him around the sides of Drex's face and pulled him in for a real kiss. He meant it too.

"See, I'm not any good at this," Drex took a breath and turned away.

"What?" Leon winced. "It was only a kiss."

"Yeah, but you know everything." Drex shrugged.

"I don't mean to intimadated you." Leon felt a bit hurt.

Drex looked back at him then and reached for Leon's lips with his mouth. Leon Frenched him immediately and backed him into the wall. Leon pressed into Drex pants to find where the real action was.

Leon smiled then. He wanted to hurry it up, but he could see Drex was still fasinated by the kissing part. So he let Drex want him more as they kept kissing. Finally they undressed. Limbs uncovered. Drex's lovely chest that Leon so wanted to touch, but Drex kept his hands on Leon as if need to know him, up close and personal.

They laid on the bed then, touching for the longest time as they kissed. Then Leon felt Drex's lips on his chest, his flat stomach. It was a bit ticklish. It made Leon want to giggle, but he bit his bottom lip, sensing the beauty of Drex's touch.

He was throbbing for Drex by then. Leon felt as if he might melt when Drex touched the tip of Leon's penis with his tongue. Leon felt himself yearn for Drex more. He grazed Drex's back with his fingertip all the way down to his buttocks. He teased him with his fingers. It just made Drex's mouth go down on him more sweetly.

Leon was definitely ready for the next step, but they had time. All afternoon.


jules said...

fascinating =D

salve said...

very lovely...drex finally fell for leon...

justkyut said...

Nice! Can't wait for the next post... I wonder what's next

justkyut said...

Your welcome. I'll try to have a great time. I do hope I can rest well once I get home later. thanks!

autumn said...

it's one hot afternoon for them. lol. leon always worries too much. haha.