Monday, October 6, 2008

It could be just in the kiss or something else.

"I never really liked her, exactly." Drex started in about how he felt about Cher. "I mean, she's OK, to talk to too, sometimes." He shook his head, no.

As if thats all Leon wanted to hear back at the room.

"That's all right. Nobody said you had to fuck her." Leon shrugged.

"But you'd at least want too, right if it was-" Drex fidgeted.

"Don't give her a second thought, all right." Leon grinned pulling Drex's t-shirt over his head. "Just relax."

"I've-I've never-"

"Really?" Leon so wanted to laugh but he didn't. He took off his t-shirt too. "You mean, its not a new hobby you've picked up just recently."

"No." Drex's voice cracked.

"So, do you want me?" Leon lit a cigarette then and took a puff.

"Well." Drex bit his bottom lip.

"Maybe, you'd just as well want to sketch me, if you'd like. If that would make you feel, um, lets says, better about everything." Leon shrugged.

"I- I guess I could." Drex finally sat down on the bed.

Leon handed Drex the cigarette to smoke while he undressed.

Of course, Drex went into a coughing fit. It might have been the smoke or the sight of seeing Leon already hard.

"What, you didn't think you had that capability?" Leon slightly smirked.

"I-I, uh." He coughed a bit more handing back the cigarette to Leon who then took another drag and put it out.

"Come on, lets just touch," Leon smiled pushing Drex down as he unbuckled his belt and got into his jeans.

Drex sighed when Leon pressed against him as he hands smoothed down his sides and his fingers wrapped around his cock. He gave him a deep kiss then. Leon could feel him throbbing as their tongues met, wanting more. More, but Leon hesitated. He knew Drex was lost so he just held him instead, taking in his natural scent of Ivory soap and a hint Obsession. Leon clumsily breathed into his ear. Finally, it gave way to Drex exploring him. All of him.

It left Leon a bit dreamy thinking how Drex left him so alive. He could see how wet Drex was. He couldn't help but go down on him and make him hot for more to come.

"I know I said we'd just touch," yet Leon felt it all so pure as he watched the tense expression on Drex's face as he moaned in delight. "I could show you more." Leon laid back, taking Drex's hand. Leon went down on Drex's index finger, tantalizing it for a longest bit. Then he guided it where it would make Leon the happiest most.

Now Drex made him shiver as Leon closed his eyes and Frenched Drex. He could sense that Drex yearned for this pleasure too. Leon guessed it would have to wait before Drex would know exactly what to do. Leon pulled away. Although, he felt a bit ruptured from being almost completely satisfied. He knew he'd have to take care of Drex first.


autumn said...

now that's real steamy. lol.

molly said...

zoe kravitz is sexyyy

UmassSlytherin said...

wow soooo hot and steamy! that is some good fic!

I wish I could put it into words but I'm speechless! That is the best romantic encounter I have read in a long time! So perfect!

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aiLee920 said...

awesome fiction.. so hot, so full of passion and intimacy... wow, good job.. keep it up!