Thursday, October 9, 2008

a mess

Drex looked to see who was calling before he answered his cell. It was Leon.

"Hey," Drex wasn't sure what else to say. Maybe he wanted to say, "Hello, lover." But that would just sound silly coming from him, especially when he was just coming from his figure drawing class.

"Cher?" Drex smiled. "I don't know about that. You think we should? What? Right now?" Jonah was gone as far as he knew. Even if he was there, that wasn't going to stop Drex. "Just come over. We'll hang out." Enough said.

He put his phone away then and walked on with his notebooks. He'd already started on a drawing of Leon from memory. He hadn't showed it to his professor, but the likeness was there. He smiled then, thinking of Leon. Maybe even dreaming of him. At the moment, he was a blur to tell the difference about what had happened and what he wanted to happen.

At least he didn't have Johanna to face. He probably would have told Leon, no, if he thought Johanna would be there. She might freak on him. He didn't know. He knew she was very proper even if she did her best to adjust to new situations from all the Oprah she watched. He suspected she wanted to be open minded. But this. This was better just to keep under-wraps at the moment. Besides there was Cher. Cher. Did he really have to think about her?

He kept moving. Walking faster. Walking into the mass of people. He wanted to get home. He needed to get there before Leon did. Maybe make his bed. He knew Leon thought he was a perfectionist. Hardly. Weren't most creative people messy people? He wanted to believe that because that was him. Messy hair. Messy desk. Messy room.

God, he had to do something to his room before Leon got there.


UmassSlytherin said...

I love Drex so much: so sweet and it's obvious that someone has it baaad! hehehe! awesome developments, I love it!

autumn said...

obviously, he's too excited. lol.

Justkyut said...

He already misses him...

Merci vou coup! Yes it is. That's a 10yrs feelings on it =)