Wednesday, October 15, 2008

moments like this

Girls. It wasn't that Drex was avoiding them like the plague. Just one imparticular these days. OK, maybe two. Cher and now Johanna.

"Its not like you have to woo her or anything," Leon reminded him while they'd gone out to the University just to blend in. Drex supposed. As if it wasn't obvious how they felt about each other.
"I know," Drex sighed. "But she knows me. She does."

"Really? And how?" Leon almost sounded jealous. "She's Anthony's girlfriend."

"We talk," Drex shrugged. "Or at least, we did. Until she left."

"And you're upset about that?" Leon asked.

"No, I'm not. Not at all. Its just I know she'll know about you and me. She's like that." Drex wasn't sure how he could keep it from her.

"Well, Anthony is my friend, and-"

"And? You don't think he'd know, right? About us?" Drex then quizzed him.

"I highly doubt it," Leon winced. "Besides he's so into Johanna, he could careless about anything else."

"But she'd care."

"I don't care that she cares." Leon smiled staring into Drex's eyes.

Nieither of them could stand it. Being out and about and not showing it. Not showing how they really felt for one another.

"Its just not fair," Drex looked away, seeing some couple kiss on the plaza.

"Well, that could be us, but better. So much better," Leon murmered.

A smile gave way to Drex as he looked back at Leon.

"I'd rather not. Not just yet." Drex shook his head, no.

"When will that be," Leon pressed. "When pigs fly?"

"Don't say that, don't be mad at me," Drex felt sad now.

"I'm not." Leon shrugged about going public. "Its just, I'm not sure I'm ready yet, myself. But I will if you want. Anytime."

Drex nodded wishing he could kiss Leon right this minute, but he shoved his hands in his pockets instead and walked on. Leon, reached out then and put his arm around his neck. He gave him a playful wrestle instead.

Drex laughed then.


jules said...

when pigs fly....hahaha! funny :D

salve said...

LOL. gays are accepted is so much accepted in america, right?

UmassSlytherin said...

oh my how delightful to imagine them wrestling! :) I love this chapter, so sweet! well done!

autumn said...

"put his arm around his neck". haha. i know someone like that. i know he's gay but he keeps on denying it. lol. aw. never mind.

when pigs fly? or when the crab learns to fly. lol. cool.