Thursday, October 30, 2008

natural instincts

Leon listened intently about Cher's little drunk moment with Lux. It had really been a moment in time for Cher. Perhaps a turning point.

"But I like boys, I do." She hugged herself.

"Well, of course, I know you do," Leon grinned.

"She can't talk about it, I guess." Cher looked a bit disgusted with herself.

"Maybe, you have to remind her," Leon shrugged as if he couldn't help but be bit bad about this. Perhaps it was his nature to enforce such plotting. "I'm sure it'll to come to her quite natural."

"Natural?" Cher squinted not sure what Leon was getting at.

"Like beauty." Leon tried his best to keep an impish grin from giving way.

"I dunno," Cher looked completely sad at the moment.

"Sorry," Leon Frenched her out of sympathy. Really, she was suffering here and what was he to do?

He knew then she'd longed for him. There was no need to really undress when he fingered her just as well in the dress she wore. Really it was all quite simple in how to satisfy her. And deep down, it pleased him a bit that he could at least help ease her plight. Sort of.

"So, you'll do it, won't you?" Leon asked afterwards when she was still, perhaps wanting the next phase which had more to do if there clothes were off.

"Do what?" She sighed with a smile.

"Make your move on Jonah," Leon gritted a smile.

"But why?"

"Do it while you're hawt, make him want you, you want to, don't you?"

"I guess," she rose up on her elbows and looked at Leon. "But do I really need too?"

"Yes," he whispered in her ear, and she shivered then.


justkyut said...

arrgghhh... why don't you just help cher go to jonah leon?

autumn said...

i wonder what he's up to, and what's taking him so long to make this scene hotter. hahahaha!