Friday, October 17, 2008

no dreaming

Leon fell back on his pillow then. He was in a sweat and pleased from the sighs he'd heard from Drex. Of course, he'd tried his best not to moan out too much even if he had wanted too.

Drex propped his head up with his hand on his cheek and smiled down at Leon. He drew his index finger down his chest and felt a slight quiver from his stomach. Drex drew in his lips then as he moved in closer. Their kisses were hot and slow. He lingered into them as he began to stroke Leon once again.

He so wanted Leon to feel good. Drex felt more amazed with each response from Leon. He touched his buttocks then, prying between them with his fingers. Drex kissed his neck and finally climbed over him, still toying with Leon's hard cock. Drex felt his was stone as well. He pressed his in where his fingers had pried. He sucked at Leon's shoulder as well as he wedged in slowly and determined even if it was slightly awkward. He was sure he could sleep this way, perhaps. But did he really want too? Little by little he'd pull himself out, but move back in fast and he could feel Leon yearn for more with his slight moan. Drex found himself moaning back, but he sensed Leon's giggle. He stopped.

"No, don't stop." Leon told him. Leon twisted to his stomach. Drex turned with him. He bit his bottom lip and pressed in more. Harder. Faster. His whole body worked. Tense and taunt until he could feel it. Feel exactly what Leon had given him early. A sense of really being alive.


justkyut said...

Hey Leon! Oh no that's not hot sauce, that's cheese powder and I love cheese =)

Thanks for dropping by at my blog.

Hey Ivy! It's getting sweeter =)

justkyut said...

Yes, just cheese. No hot sauce because that is a sweet potato =)

Hmmm.. Are you referring to "mami"? It is a filipino dish that has pork and noodles on it. Is that the one?

jules said...

just the best part of love making hehehe

salve said...

drex is really having a lot of fun > :)

autumn said...

a hot scene on a hot Sunday (today). lol.