Sunday, October 26, 2008

no worries

"Well, did you tell her?" Leon wanted to know as soon as he found Drex alone.

"No, I haven't said a word to Johanna." Drex was digging through some of his art in his room.

"You could, if you wish, I'm not that against it, you know," Leon caught Drex in a lip lock then and they kissed for sometime in Drex's room.

"I should probably start with my brother first," Drex said finally when he broke free from Leon.

"Why? Why should you? Its just a waste of time, besides, he's got his own worries, I'm sure." Leon stared at Drex with a smile wishing they could clear the bed of his sketches.

"Like what?" Drex squinted moving his stuff now to his desk.

"Dunno, but um, perhaps I might have mentioned something to someone-"

"About us."

"No. Nothing like that. I am not sure things are all so perfect with this Lux of his."

"He doesn't own her."

"Of course not," Leon bit his bottom lip from smiling too much. "Its just, I feel he'll be preoccupied soon and you will so be the least of his worries." Leon tilted his head a bit, pulled Drex in, and they Frenched before Drex had a chance to even decipher what Leon was going on about.

Leon pulled Drex's shirt off then.


autumn said...

that's too fast. lol. good luck to Drex if he'll be able to tell about it to his bro.

justkyut said...

Drex knows what he wants, I hope Leon will also..