Friday, October 3, 2008

not quite autopilot

"Look, I'll get the room," Leon suggested there at the coffee shop. No ,it wasn't Starbucks and the hotel across the street wasn't a seedy run down shit hole, either. It would be cool. OK, so maybe it wasn't a posh resort, either. But who needed something like that. Just a room.

There was a rush of excitement pulsing through Leon's veins. It had been ages since he'd done something like this out of blue. OK, just being with Drex was out of the blue. But it was their secret.

A secret. No, they wouldn't walk in together and ask for anything. They weren't a couple. Not yet. Maybe. All right, it was possible. No, no Leon wasn't really into coupling, now was he? It was just going to be for the night which was wearing on. It was quite late after they got out of the jazz club.

The kissing just lingered.

"You stay here, I'll give you a call. It'll be just fine." Leon shrugged.

Drex just nodded. He might as well have been a bump on a log. Of course, Leon was pretty sure he'd have to come back for him after all said and done. He didn't see him bailing exactly, yet he didn't see him walking across the street alone, either.

He could tell he was scared.

"What? You don't want this now?" Leon didn't need to be a salesman about this. The truth of the matter, couldn't anyone. Anyone. Be there for him. For a change. Yes, a change.

He thought Drex might break into a convulsion of some kind. He might as well have been helpless by the way he went into a slight panic attack with the breathing.

Leon grabbed both sides of his face then and gave him a longing French kiss. "I'll be back for you. I will." He stared him right in the eye then. "Promise, you'll be here?"

"uh, huh." was all he could get out of Drex.

Leon turned then to go. He closed his eyes, almost thinking this was some sort of drug instead. Not this. Not this chance. Not this possibiltiy that maybe. Maybe this was what he really wanted. Couldn't be real, now could it?


UmassSlytherin said...

so raw and romantic! I love it. I hope Leon follows his heart! Can't wait for more, well done, this is a great companion to A l J!

autumn said...

i don't want to think it's really happening. lol.