Saturday, October 18, 2008


The doorbell was ringing. It was almost ten in the evening and Drex awoke still in Leon's arms. They'd slept for so long.

Drex pulled on some jeans and his T-shirt. Actually, it was Leon's shirt. He just couldn't tell in the dark.

He went to the front door.

It was Cher.

"What's up?" Drex yawned as if he didn't care that she was here. Actually. But what did she want.

"Have you seen Leon?"

"Uh, Leon?"

"Yeah," she looked at him frustrated. He so hoped she didn't walk into his bedroom. "Why are you wearing his shirt, Drex?"

"Its not his."

"It's his." I don't think you have a "soixante neuf" T-shirt just hanging around.

"Oh, this thing." Drex smiled. "He let me borrow it. He says I uh, you know, spice things up. I guess." God, he wondered if he was acting too goof now.

"You want to do something?"

"No." Drex's answer. "I mean, we should really find Leon first, then we'll go to a movie. OK."

"Well, Victim is showing at midnight at the Faded Rose," she told him. "Its the first film that ever uttered the word 'homosexual'. It came out in 1961. Its a British film."

"Oh. Oh, yeah, I want to see that." Drex wondered if that was a good enough answer.

"It could just be the two of us," Cher twisted and turned a bit.

"Um, I really want Leon to see it with us." Drex sort of smiled. Maybe too much. Maybe not enough. He so did not want to be alone with Cher.

"What does that mean?" She looked at him innocently.

"You get ready. I'll find Leon and we'll go together."

"Good luck finding him," Cher then said turning to go. "I doubt if you do. He's so preoccupied, lately. I think there must be someone. He's so mysterious about it, you know."


"Yeah, you might be interrupting something." Cher shrugged and walked out the door.

Drex just smiled.


autumn said...

Drex is not good at lying. *giggles*

Cait said...

That was so funny about the shirt..too.

justkyut said...

Cher, find someone else

Hey Ivy!