Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the possibility

Finally Anthony was back at the flat. Leon was glad to see him. They hadn't talked in ages.

Leon had a smoke while Anthony watched.

"Possibly," Leon nodded. "We are talking about a conquest, aren't we?"

"I know you are," Anthony laughed. "And what has Leon been up too?"

"You sure you want to know?" Leon puffed at his cigarette then.

"You're dieing to tell me," Anthony laid on his bed then, put his arms behind his head as if he was waiting for a very long story in a thick French accent.

"All right then." Leon sighed. "I fucked Cher this time." His smile stretched across his face as he stared at the burning cigarette, but then he wasn't just thinking only of Cher.

"Now was that really wise my friend?" Anthony leaned up on his elbows.

"Why do I have to be wise?" Leon gave Anthony a sober look.

"I thought it was Lux you wanted."

"Really, I could take either, perhaps even both." Leon smirked.

"You wouldn't, would you?" Anthony winced. "Are you talking about a threesome?"

"Eventually." Leon grinned. "Why not think big?"

"Is that what you want?"

"Um, it would be bliss, now wouldn't it?" Leon wished Anthony could understand him, but then all Anthony's world was Johanna. He was the romantic, after all. Lux even let them have their own room.

"I don't know about you, sometimes." Anthony shook his head.

"Stop looking at me that way," Leon batted his lashes.

"What way is that?"

"That I'm crazy." He didn't like this. Not from a friend. "And I'm not. I'm certainly not crazy, Anthony." Leon just had to think of a way to make it work. There was a way. He just had to think about it. And of course, there was Drex.


autumn said...

i like the way Leon talked here. in this chapter. so manly. lol. ^^

justkyut said...

Leon tell Anthony, your buddies remember?

Justkyut said...

Maybe he has. Well all of us has it. I guess.

You are most welcome. Thanks for your comment and droppin' by. I'll continue writing as long as I can. Thanks for writing too...