Tuesday, October 28, 2008

prey tell

Leon was sure he spoke too soon about the Cher thing, although, Drex didn't know it had anything to really do with Cher nor his brother Jonah.

Why did things take so long? Leon pondered in his room. Alone. As it was Drex seemed to be preoccupied with Johanna as of late and her new job at the art department.

"You should let Anthony see to her," Leon had told Drex over his cell when he found out Drex couldn't make it to meet him for a show that Leon had hoped they'd both get lost in. He just wanted to dance in the dark with him and get lost in the crowd. No big deal. It wasn't that he was jealous of Johanna, but she really did feel the need to pry in to their love life at the moment, and Leon didn't like that at all.

He'd intended to talk to Anthony about this, but he wasn't at home, and as it was Cher just played around on her laptop in the livingroom.

"Does Jonah even know you exist?" Leon asked, doing his best to pull her away from the video game and taking her straight to her room. "Lets see what you got?"

"What?" She was all smiles, looking at him as if she was undressing him right now. "You've changed your mind?" Cher put her arms around him and looked at him dreamily.

"No," Leon sighed taking her arms from around his neck. "I think you should do it with Jonah. You're still up for it, aren't you? Perhaps expose him for what he really is."

"Its just-" She winced.

"Come on, think of it as a performance of some kind." Leon coaxed, going to her closet pulling out anything that might look some what breath taking.

"I dunno, remind me why I'm doing this?"

"Revenge, maybe. Or just to get Lux's attention." Leon shrugged. "I mean, she does know something is there between the two of you, doesn't she?"

"Possibly." Cher looked at him slightly indifferent now without a smile. "Maybe she just thinks of it as a mistake now."

"Oh, do tell." Leon smiled. He sat on her bed then waiting for a treat. Hopefully, hawt sex was involved.


justkyut said...

Leon don't do that your making Cher confuse

Hey Ivy!

autumn said...

is he being an evil? lol.