Friday, October 31, 2008

setting it up

Leon had a sense that perhaps he was the puppet master. Of course, he could interpret that on a several levels actually, but he would not go there as he punched in Jonah's cell number.

"Tell him, you need him, now. Say its about Lux." Leon prompted with a smile.

He heard Jonah's voice then and he handed her over the cell.

Cher winced slightly, then managed to say as Leon had instructed. She looked paralyzed for a moment. Finally she gave the phone back to Leon.

"Tell me what's in it for me, again?" Her face was tense as if she was afraid.

"Why, Lux, of course," Leon taunted a laugh. "Who knows you might really enjoy this." He smirked.

She wasn't smiling.

"Look, its not that you have to really do anything. Just the idea that maybe it could be. And its all the more fascinating if you've got Lux, um seeing you together."

"But how do I do that?" Cher was still lost in Leon's little scheme of things.

"That's why I'm hear to help, I'll somehow get Lux down to the ballroom where you two meet up for a drink or something. She'll know. Believe me, she'll know." Leon kept smiling slyly, hoping not to look greedy.

"You're totally there with me, aren't you?" He kissed her again very slowly. He could see she liked being cozy here with him, not flaunting her stuff at Jonah.

"I'm the worst actress in the world." She told him.

"Well, lets have a drink of Scotch," he poured her a drink then. While she drank he got out a strapless black cocktail dress for her.

"Go naked as possible," he coached. "You'll be more used to having everything off, just in case."

She remained even lipped.

"What?" He looked hurt that she didn't trust him. "It'll be fifteen minutes of your time, tops. And if it doesn't go as planned, I'm here for you. I will. Without a doubt." Only he wasn't planning on it. He knew if Jonah saw a little bit of a prize...snap. It was his. And his alone. Now Leon just had to work on Lux. Would she remember him, at all?


justkyut said...

There you go, helping Cher out. I hope everything will go as planned.

Happy Halloween too Ivy! I hope you had lots of treats too.. I'm not having a great weekend but I hope you do

autumn said...

hmmm. i'm still wondering about leon. o_O

Cait said...

he's such an instigator..

jules said...

eewwwrrr. wondering what leon's gonna do this time... i miss your blog. happy halloween ! :)

salve said...

happy halloween! :)