Wednesday, October 1, 2008

spinning a tale

"You don't smoke?" Leon told him he should. How was he ever going to cheer the dude up. "Well, at least drink some wine then."

Drex hesitated, but Leon kept smiling and sipping his wine. He spoke of legends of jazz singers. They talked about music for a good long while. Drex began to sip at the wine until his glass was empty. Leon filled it up again and sat next to him as they continued to discuss their love of jazz.

Suddenly, Drex was pouring his soul out about being in the shadow of his brother. How uneasy he felt about being his flesh and blood.

"I'm not like him at all," Drex said.

"Of course you're not." Leon put his arm around Drex as he listened to him more. He just wouldn't seem to shut up about his brother. It all sounded as if his brother was really sinister. Drex had no idea where his mother had gone. And Jonah was practically keeping a girl hostage in their apartment while all along he was seeing Lux.

Leon just couldn't take it anymore. Perhaps they were just too close. Maybe it was the thought that he really didn't want to be anymore alone tonight than Drex did.


He kissed Drex.


jules said...

OMG! hahaha! this is exciting. Go Leon! :)

jules said...

where's leon's picture here?

salve said...

hi leon, i am solofoodtrip's new admin. i like ur blog. u are so good at this.

Diana Coronado said...

I'm pretty sure that my best friend is gonna love your history !! he´s name is Angel.

You are invited to my Tiffany party, so, come & take some cupcakes

autumn said...

OMFG. he kissed Drex? O_O o_O T_T

Justkyut said...

Just I have thought so... The guy is in love with you pare..