Sunday, October 5, 2008

that dreaded feeling

Leon was tempted to call Drex on his cell. Best as well, not too. He didn't want to rush, now did he. He didn't want it to end. But it had. He couldn't change that.

Leon supposed he'd just have to keep himself company. He supposed he could find someone to pay for, but really, he didn't like paying for it, especially, when he thought deep down maybe they should be paying him.

He didn't do that anymore.

Not for a while, anyway. Usually, it was old cows and they just needed an escort for the most part. True, he'd made some quick money that way. Nice little stash indeed to help him with other stashes. It was all, all right. Didn't really have to do that much for the most part. But it could get disgusting. And he wasn't in dire need to do it, anymore. He was pretty much forgotten. He guessed. Leon wanted to keep it that way. Especially, in that circle.

At least he hadn't been that desperate in a long while.

He got up then. It looked like he'd be sleeping alone in a hotel room. Maybe that was the best thing for him. Get some real sleep. Think this thing through. He wouldn't call Drex ever again. Guess they could be complete strangers. That was nothing new.

"Hey," Someone touched his shoulder. "Sorry, I was in the bathroom." Drex almost smiled.

"I see."

"I got nervous. And when I get nervous. Then I have to go to the restroom." Drex told him.

Leon supposed it would have to be something simple like that.


Drex nodded laying down a twenty for a tip.


autumn said...

lol @ leon for thinking all those stuff when all the while, drex was just in the bathroom. nice update.

Leon said...

Juste was so right about the plot. He's good.

Cait said...

Drex might be more than he bargained for. hmmmm...we shall see.

Diana Coronado said...

Hehe he have to learn to control his nervous.

♥ Hugs !!

justkyut said...

Thanks Leon.. :-)

I think I have dreamed of it LOL!

And off they go to the hotel... And then they... nah... write on.. and we will read :-)