Saturday, October 11, 2008

what you think it might be

Drex felt a bit more competant now after knowing he could make Leon let out the slightest moan. Maybe it was confidence. He looked around his room thinking it was pretty horrible, but Leon hadn't said a thing.

He was really in to him. Well, sort of. He guessed. Hopefully to at least spend time with.

But still it felt so clumsy. Drex had never been with anyone before. He sensed Leon knew. At least he wasn't making a big deal about it.

He hadn't pushed him to do anything he didn't want to do, either. OK, so maybe the moment he went down on him in the room they'd stayed in, was quite a surprise. He didn't think it would go that far, but Drex was glad now it had happened. It was so unexpected. But so fierce. He wanted it again.

And then when he tried, it would have been nothing if Leon hadn't some how made him want to with his touch. He felt so ready now. Ready for the whole fucking shabang.

"Have you ever been in love before?" But first Drex had to ask. Maybe this had nothing to do with this. He wanted it to be love. Not just lust.

Of course, Leon was sleepy eyed and just gave him an impish smirk.

"Is that what you think this is?"

Drex felt a bit shattered for asking. He turned away from Leon on the bed. Drex thought he might cry. He didn't want to, but he felt like a fool now. Why had he asked? Why hadn't he kept his mouth shut?

But then Drex felt Leon's warm breath on his ears.

"I love what you do to me," he whispered in his ear.

Drex shuddered then, closing his eyes. He felt Leon rubbing his back then. Then his buttocks. He felt his fingers prod him gently so he'd know again what he'd really been yearning for. Leon sucked on the side of his neck as well.

Drex felt the sensation spreading through him.

Suddenly, Leon pushed him face down, spread his legs some and pushed himself inside the space Drex had felt where he ached for Leon. It took Drex's breath away. Leon lunged slightly forward on top of him and pushed harder.

The pain was razer sharp, but Leon kept going and Drex finally relaxed after he'd tensed a bit. Finally, Leon's sweaty body collasped on his. He still managed to stay inside him until he sensed Drex could give back what he gave him. Pleasure.


autumn said...

aw. Drex is too sensitive. i like him more. lol.

justkyut said...

check my blog, I got an award for you =)

aiLee920 said...

wow, you've done a good job on making others feel the intimacy and passion the two guys felt during that time....

jules said... episode...

salve said...

"shabang" wow. what a word. :) what does it mean?