Saturday, November 8, 2008

blue bells ringing

Drex had hoped they could stay until morning, but it didn't end that way. It was in the wee hours of the morning and Johanna was nestled next to him. It was warm and cozy and Drex was in the best dream ever.

They had their own place. It was on the beach and waves lapped up to the sand. And there were horses and it was sunny as they raced the horses up the beach. It was just the way he always hoped it would be.

But suddenly he heard Johanna let out a deep breath and she sat up quickly covering her bare self.

"I have to go." She said it as if now was the time, not a minute later.

"But this is us," Drex touched her arm and slid his fingers down her wrist and kissed her hand ever so carefully.

"No, I dunno," she shook her head. "I have to tell him," her voice cracked. Johanna swallowed back tears. "And I don't know how. How do I tell him what I've done." She sniffed. "He came all this way, for me, and..and look what I've done!"

"Don't say that." He couldn't stand to think it would pain her this much. "Its not like that." Drex gritted.

"It is," Johanna got up then, and started to dress.

"Don't leave me!"

"I won't."

"Then we'll do it together, " Drex said. "At least let me be there with you." She was dressing quickly. He hurried to find his clothes and dress too.

She shook her head, no.

"Johanna, listen to me." Drex said. "Anthony's a reasonable person. We'll tell them. We will. Together." But she wasn't waiting. Drex had to chase after her.


Cait said...

Something is going to happen...hmmmm...did Johanna have a reality check?

autumn said...

ok, she's back in herself. what's she gonna do. i can't wait. lol.

jules said...

i am kind of worried what's gonna happen next now that they will tell Anthony...write more :)

salve said...

excited about what's gonna happen,too. I don't think johanna did the right thing.