Wednesday, November 5, 2008

crossing the x's

Leon dialed Drex's cell numerous of times. Each time, he would only get his voice mail. This was starting to tear Leon apart.

How could this be? Everything was going so right? What had gone wrong?

A part of him wanted to blame this all on Johanna. If Drex hadn't had to be with her over her little job attempt, all would be well in the world, wouldn't it? She was to blame as far as he was concerned.

Lux would still be with Jonah yet still having feelings for Cher while Cher would be still unrequited to Lux. It was just all be so boring, wouldn't it?

No, he kept calculating through his head, just how it could have turned out. What if he'd been more open with Drex about everything. Their relationship. Was that what this was? Drex didn't believe he was there for him?

Leon felt a rush of excitement to go down to the art department and find him. Find him now before it was too, late. It wouldn't be too late, would it?

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autumn said...

he worries too much. chillax. i don't want him to find Drex. hahaha.