Monday, November 10, 2008

a little help now

It was a shock to Leon to see Lux at his door. She was in tears, but it wasn't what he thought it would be about.

"What is it? Did you hear from Cher?" Leon was ready to console her, perhaps. Lux shook her head, no.

"Then, Jonah, did you have words with him?"

She shook her head, no.

"I can't find Anthony," Lux sniffed.

"Anthony?" What did he have to do with this, really?

"Johanna comes waltzing in here going on and on about how unfaithful he is to her and..and she made him leave! All because she saw him in my room."

"He left?" Leon was stumped. "Just like that?" He raked his fingers through his auburn hair.

"Not one cross word from him. Its like he's given up on everything. I finally get him on his cell and he tells me, he's all right. He doesn't want me to-" She sighed in a grimace which ended into tears. "Could you find him for me? Talk some sense into him. Tell him he has to come back. There is no sense in this. I told Johanna to leave. I never want to see her face again! How could she be so cruel?"

"Where did she go?" Leon looked into Lux's intense e,yes.

"She's with Drex, of course. He was with her last night. Didn't you know?"

"Maybe." Leon caught his breath. He hated the thought of knowing Johanna was now in Drex's room. Where else would she be?

"One more thing," Lux almost smiled. "Anthony is amazing."

"What?" Leon winced.

"It wasn't sex, but yeah, he's got the touch. It was just a back rub, I know, only it was more than that." She bit her bottom lip.

"Are you telling me you had an orgasm?" Leon almost cracked a laughed.

"It was so awesome, but then Johanna had to show up and you know, how that ended. You have to find Anthony." She ordered then.

"And tell him what, he's got magic fingers?" Leon smirked.

"Don't tell him that!" Lux winced. "Just tell him..that we'll get through this Johanna thing some how, we just will. Together."

Leon just sighed. "All right, I'll see what I can do."


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poor Leon, somehow. coz we know he's jealous with johanna. and now he has to find anthony for lux. sigh.