Thursday, November 6, 2008

no more waiting

Being with Johanna was like a new found freedom to Drex. It didn't seem possible, somehow. Yet not so unusual as he pushed his fingers through her pale hair. She was like an angel and he was with her, and it brought back the memory of the first time he saw her.

He had wanted her to be his, yet he knew she wasn't any-body's, least of all his brother's. And as time had wore on and he'd feared the worst for her, it grew into more of a brotherly matter because how could she want to be with the likes of him with a brother like Jonah.

Drex had chosen friendship if it couldn't be anything else. And now it felt like a chance on a teenage romance when he looked down into her face. He didn't even want to think about Leon now.

Had they just used each other? Was he anymore to blame than Leon.

"I love you, " Drex told Johanna. "I always have."

"I really didn't want to think it possible," she shook her head, "but I can't stop thinking about you. You were best thing this world gave me, and-"

He didn't want her say another word. Drex kissed her there in the little make shift studio at the top of the stairwell. They sat down then on the folded out futon and began to undress. They touched for the longest time until no more waiting was possible.

Why had they waited so long?

Drex was sure he would be so clumsy at this. After all, thoughts of Leon crepy in, but not for long. And she made him laugh, knowing he wanted her more. Her skin was soft and inviting, and he couldn't help but want to kiss all of her as his hand came down her waist, between her legs.

If only it was enough to finger her and be content with just the touching, except it wasn't. There bodies moved together and it felt so right. Not like anything else Drex quite remembered. It really felt like love, this time.

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autumn said...

OMG. i love this scene! woohoo. *do the crazy dance* lol @ me.i lurve you, ivy. hehe.