Friday, November 7, 2008

not so suddenly

Leon should have known the place, the art building would be locked up. Where would they have gone? Drex had to be with Johanna. But he couldn't think of him taking her to a motel room or such. He was quaint like that. He'd choose a hideaway some kind. Leon probably knew him better than anyone else. After all, he was his lover.

They had to be in there. Had to be.

Leon went around the building to look for fire escapes then. A window. Some possibility. He would find them. It pulsated through him that he had to find Drex before it was too late even if second by second it was too late.

Leon pulled himself up to the ladder on the fire escape then at the back side of the building and pushed his way up wishing for some outlet to let him in without setting off an alarm.

But if he did get in, and he did find them. Two things that seemed highly unlikely by the second...just what would he do? What would he say? Would rage over come him and he'd go completely psycho.

No, he couldn't do that. Leon made it to the landing, He sank to his feet then and sat down. It came to him that he really did love Drex. Now if he could think of a way to win him back.


justkyut said...

Yes we are all hoping to good and better changes. My week is fine I hope yours is better =)

Got to catch up here too LOL!

autumn said...

aw. poor leon. i like him. but i like drex for johanna. hahahaha!