Sunday, November 2, 2008

on the brightside

It was only a kiss. That's all it was. It didn't mean a thing. Drex kept telling himself as he tried not to provoke another from Johanna.

He should have known. But this was Johanna. And she just wasn't herself. And he knew it was all his fault.

"I should have never told you about the job at the art department," Drex wanted to say, but he didn't. This was Johanna. He put his arm around her knowing she need him to be there for her.

He kissed her back which even amazed himself more. It was a thrill. Now a chill. This was madening. Just a horrible thing, wasn't it?

No, they kissed some more.

He just wasn't sure why. Why? Now.

He detested Cher. It was true. And he loved being with Leon, but that was just it... Being there and then wondering if in truth if any of it really meant anything to Leon.

Yes, there was a part of him that was angry with Leon. But he never intended to get back at him. It was never on his mind. It was just one of those wait and see sort of things. But then he'd overheard Cher talking to Lux. She never came out and said it exactly, but there was something going on with her and Leon. And then to hear Lux say he was just a one night stand. Beware of the one night stand.

Drex hadn't wanted it to get to him. And things were so fast with Leon. Like a whole new world, but then to think what truth was really in it. Was he just supposed to take it with a grain of salt?

Could he ruin everything with just one touch?


Cait said...

oh a drex moment..he is so sensitive.

autumn said...

oh, i love you drex. weee.

a thrill, and a chill. i like that. lol.

Justkyut said...

O-oh Drex is still confuse. What's next? He might be caught smootching with Johanna

Hey Leon thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

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