Saturday, November 29, 2008

on the brink

Leon thought about what Anthony had said about the time travel with Jonah. What was he proposing him to do? Seduce Jonah? The thought of ending up in a different time was rather terrifying to him. He could see him getting the guillotine at the rate he was going lately.

It hurt to that he'd heard nothing from Drex. Absolutely nothing. He hadn't expected that. Perhaps a phone call. A fight. Yeah. Something. Anything. He tried to make it go away, but it was still there in the back of his mind.

He loved Drex. Everything was on the brink of changing. Now it had stopped. And somehow he had to get in the good graces of Jonah. He just didn't know how. How could he make it work? Should he try to make it work. What would Drex think? Maybe it would make him think? Or the fact he'd just hurt Drex more. He was really leaning toward the hurt part.

Leon rubbed his index finger on his lower lip then. Cher. Suddenly he sat startled. Where was she? Where had he sent her too. Some other place, all alone.

Why hadn't he cared about her sooner? She'd missed Thanksgiving. Would she miss Christmas, too.

Leon was going down to the Ballroom to have a drink. He hoped he'd have some luck tonight and find Jonah there.


blue hearts said...

gotta wonder how he's gonna do this.

Jules said...

this is sad...