Sunday, November 2, 2008

taking the plunge

He'd caught Lux off guard. She really was hoping to come home and take a bubble bath he supposed. He wanted to tell her she was tired, but he didn't.

"I have a favor," Leon insisted actually. "Could you be my cupid, sort of, well, OK, lets call it a distraction, perhaps. I need you like in five down at the ballroom. It would just be a dance or two. I'd buy you a drink, dinner if you like."

"Oh, I don't know, Leon." Lux winced as if he were asking to take the most of her day.

"Please," Leon had to get her down there. "Besides, I heard Cher say she was meeting someone there, just now."

"Really?" That perked her interest. She put her black high heeled pumps back on. "Someone other than Drex."

"Yes, definitely not Drex because he's off with Johanna, some art thing. She told me so." He nodded and couldn't be more pleased that she was ready to take a ride down in the elevator with him.

"Then we should take a peak," Lux smiled. Leon just beamed. He'd make out with himself if he could, but since he couldn't. Oh, he'd just have to imagine it. All right, that wasn't all that much fun, but he could think plenty what he might do to Drex if he ever got him in an elevator.


justkyut said...

LOL! Your really the puppet master Leon. So far so good

autumn said...

i can see the evil grin from Leon's face. lol.