Thursday, November 13, 2008

telling the truth

Leon knew he'd find Anthony at work. One thing he knew, Anthony was someone you could count on.

"Now, don't you look smashing," Leon grinned. Although, it was a tad difficult, but there was no need to let Anthony know who was really on his mind.

And Anthony was grand in his tweed, vest and pin striped shirt with the black bow tie and the skinny black trousers.

"They have me in girl pants," Anthony whispered.

"Well, you fill them out nicely, don't you." Leon kept smiling. "So why aren't you home?"

"Because Johanna doesn't want me there," Anthony winced.

"She's not even there."


"Don't go thinking it all your fault, Tone," Leon squinted back as he waited for a few who wanted to try the expensive perfume that Anthony was spraying. "Johanna's the one who slept with Drex, don't you know?"

"She did what?" Anthony grimaced in pain as he was about to unravel.

"Sorry, mate, but its true," Leon promised. "You did nothing wrong. Please, come home."

Anthony stood cringing as if he couldn't think of it even in his head.

"We'll be there for you, Lux and me. Promise." Leon gave him a pat on the back. When he looked at the pain Anthony was in. Leon wasn't even sure if he really wanted Drex, anymore.

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autumn said...

ok, so now it's like Drex and Johanna against the world. lol.