Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Scotch & soda ..a jigger of gin

Leon tried his best to be most pleasing and hoped he had the plan locked into place as he laced the poppers in Jonah's drink. He'd do his damnedest to have his way with him, one way or another. He was so going to try to enjoy himself.

"So how goes it these days? I haven't seen you around much. Must be in graduate school by now," Leon made small talk as he watched Jonah drink his Scotch and soda.

"I've been to hell and back," Jonah just said. Leon was afraid to ask him what that meant. He so wanted to ask about Cher, but he wasn't sure how.

"Any changes? You and Lux have a parting of the ways?" Leon wondered aloud.

"Nonsense, just a break, you know how it is?" Jonah nonchalantly replied sitting there on his perch at the bar. "Haven't seen you with Drex, lately. Guess he's tight with Johanna now."

"Yes," Leon did his best to fake a smile but inside he thought he might fall a part if they stayed on about Johanna.

"Pity, you brought the boy out in Drex, now didn't? All those video games," Jonah sighed.

"Yeah, that's what it was," Leon caught his smile as he sipped his gin. He bit his bottom lip then, thinking of all the ways he'd been with Drex. It hadn't been entirely his doing. If he thought about him long enough, he could taste him on his tongue. Leon supposed he'd have to wait for the drug to take effect. He just hoped it was soon.


Jules said...

wow im the first :D

i feel like leon has totally got over with drex. :(

Summer said...

hi there!!
I really love this blog!!
It's one of a kind story.=D