Monday, December 8, 2008


There was really nothing that unusual about Jonah's room. Leon went and turned on a lamp as he sat Jonah down on the bed. He wasn't sure what he was expecting. Some sort of clue. But he was actually a rather tidy creature which only frustrated Leon as he looked about. It was if he had hoped for a science invention or something, but evidently, this time travel thing didn't work quite like that from what he'd gathered from Anthony. Something about a bobble of energy. There was nothing like that around.

"We just can't let this go to waste," He pushed Jonah back on his pillow and started to remove his shoes. Then the task at hand started. Taking off his pants then his shirt. Leon was seeing to it, all coming undone and Jonah wasn't fighting him one step of the way which was kind of funny to Leon because he'd expected it. Perhaps a little apprehension, but there wasn't any. It was as if Jonah was waiting for him.

"Well, then," Leon smiled as he sat him up and got behind Jonah. One hand went around Jonah's chest and the other across his shoulder. Leon breathed into his ear then. "Care to tell me where Cher might be?"

Jonah sort of laughed and his cheek rubbed against Leon.

"Come on, you know you want to tell me," Leon teased Jonah's ear more as he cupped Jonah's chest then and toyed with his tit then as Jonah was perhaps more content than Leon thought possible. So he kissed Jonah's neck, sucked at his mid shoulder as if to taunt Jonah, who only remained breathy.

Leon moved back to his neck, kissing him more, noticing how Jonah just wanted more of his touch.

"Tell me," he whispered again in Jonah's ear.

He shivered away, shook his head, no. Leon's hands lowered as he investigated Jonah's body. He whispered into his other ear. "Why not? Where did she go?"

Leon sucked at the side of Jonah's neck as his fingers teased him along Jonah's firm abdomen. His fingers pried lower, and he could sense he practically had Jonah where he wanted him. Almost.

"I can't," Jonah just squinted.

"Yes you can," Leon whispered touching Jonah's hard cock then with his finger tip. Little by little Jonah was giving in. Only Leon wasn't giving Jonah everything he wanted. Not completely. "You know you want to," Leon told him as Leon kissed the sides of his face. Finally he edged around him and Frenched him as if he could at least ease a bit of the pain he'd inflicted. Leon just smiled.

"What do you want to know?" Jonah finally looked Leon in the face then. He put his fingers around Leon's face and pulled him closer. He Frenched him so quaintly then as if knew exactly how it should be between the two of them.

"Just where do you keep them and how do I use them?" Leon wanted to know everything, and he'd have the information he needed. Leon held on to Jonah's cock. He knew how to make Jonah desperate.


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oh wow. haha. this is getting more intense. woot. that time travel thingy, really interesting. it's like i'm watching back to the future. hehe.

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