Saturday, January 10, 2009

just a little bit

Drex could feel Johanna wanting him. But when he closed his eyes all he imagine was Leon with his brother. How could he? It enraged him.

He was just trying to get back at him. And with Jonah of all people. How could that be? It just wasn't possible?

He had to have drugged him to have his way with him. He couldn't think of any other way. His brother was so very hetro. He hated the word 'homo' even floating in the air.

"So what happened?" Drex went to his brother after Leon left. Drex looked at Jonah's raw body in his bed. It smelled of sex. There was no way he could deny it.

"Just a little fun," Jonah squinted all tired and worn out. "Its no concern of yours."

Drex wanted to gasp, but he didn't.

"Oh, right, he's that buddy of yours, isn't he?" Jonah rose up on his elbows then and looked at Drex.

"Why would you? You wouldn't-" Drex grimaced.

"Drex, don't be so high and mighty with me," Jonah scowled. "You took what was mine, already. You've made your bed, now wallow in it. You were just so sure I was vile creature of some kind with Johanna. You win her over, and now look at you. A sad little puppy. What am I missing? Your friend is free to do what he goddamn pleases."

Drex supposed it was true. He just didn't know who he hated the most. Jonah or Leon.

"Do you even like him?" Drex's eyes watered.

"If I do, would it matter? You think I'm a viper only out to take whats mine, as it is." Jonah just grinned.

"I have to know," Drex winced.

"Well," Jonah bit his bottom lip. "If he came back, sure I'd do it again. He's good in bed."

Drex remained silent. He felt his heartbeat rise. He closed his eyes, remembering Leon. It felt so long ago now in their little world where they couldn't be touched. And now it was wide open for diseaster.


another.ellie said...

Jonah is so cold. Poor Drex

jules said...

poor drex really...

its been a while sorry for not dropping by. work is eating so much of my time huhuhu! i miss ur blgo!

Solo said...

Such a nice blog of yours...
I like the story anyway..=)
Keep on writing my friend..