Tuesday, January 6, 2009

so be it

Just how far was Leon willing to go? After all, it was just sex. He wasn't really in love with Jonah. But who had taught him to torture?

Leon found the chest of orbs under Jonah's bed. He supposed that was a safe place for them. They'd spent some time talking about them. At least. Maybe that would help. Of course, Jonah would never answer why he didn't go back for Cher.

"She really didn't want me, you know," Jonah mentioned to him somewhere between a touch and a kiss.

"You do this to all the ones that can't stand you?" Leon just looked at him with contempt, but he supposed it was a little late for that after what they'd done as Leon got ready to leave.

"Why would you want to go back there?" Jonah looked at him puzzled.

"Because I have to, if you won't." Leon suspected what ever happened next on Fleet street to him would be his own damn fault.

"I can't go back there," Jonah winced. "I just can't and neither should you."

Leon just nodded as he gathered the small chest.

"Its dangerous!" Jonah told him. Leon just gave him a slight smile and backed away.

He shut Jonah's bedroom door behind him. The last person he expected to see was Drex staring at him. Leon didn't smile, but went his way. It really wasn't his intentions to get back at Drex, but so be it. So be it.

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Cait said...

He would have to bump into Drex.