Friday, March 6, 2009

back where he belongs

Jonah couldn't get Leon out of his head. He wanted to. He tried.

It felt like an eternity since he'd seen him. Where had he gone? What was he trying to do? What would happen next?

Jonah hadn't thought of talking to Drex. After all, he had his hands full these days with Johanna. Something had happened. He wasn't sure what, but Drex wouldn't speak to him.

Here they lived in the very same flat and Drex wouldn't give him the time of day. Naturally, he deserved it. Jonah supposed. He hadn't actually been there for his brother. He'd been so busy finding treasures in the past to help their future for the most part. Of course, being with Lux was as much a partnership as anything. There had really been no love lost. He knew she didn't care for him. Had they been together just because it was expected?

And then there was poor little lost Cher.

He couldn't remember what went wrong now. Maybe something like a present news story. Like the pop prince who almost did in the pop princes in his sport's car. Only Jonah had been in another life-time with Cher and she'd been scared and he didn't have time for that. No time.

So maybe she was better off there for all he knew. It hadn't bothered him. Not really.

It was Leon who was on his mind. That face. So endearing and impish. He had changed Jonah. It was all his doing. And he knew now, he'd never be same. He wanted Leon back. Back with him.