Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mum mum mum mah

I'm not lying I'm just stunnin' with my love-glue-gunning -lady gaga

Where do you go when you want to rip something apart or put it all back together again? Wander the rooftops?

They walked into the night not quite strangers, yet not friends. Hands in their pockets, remaining untouched by the others desire as they managed toward the cheaper side of town. Jonah found them a hotel room, out of the way. Leon followed as if he was passing through. This wasn't exactly where Leon thought he'd be spending his first night home.

There was the bed with the gold bed spread. Hardly, fit for a king. Especially, not Jonah's standards.

"I didn't know, all right." Jonah looked at him coldly.

Leon didn't know if he'd believe him tomorrow, but he was satisfied at the moment as he let Jonah undress him and kiss his neck and his chest. There was a yearning for Jonah's touch and Leon hated the fact that he needed him when possibly he should be at Cher's side.

He shook the thought and just closed his eyes as Jonah took him in and as their skin met- there was the sensation of only wanting more.

Jonah was pleased to see Leon's hard on. He kissed his chest, his stomach and finally went down on Leon as if it were part of his welcome home package. Leon hadn't expected it, but he let him self slip bit by bit into the sweet sensation and before he knew it Jonah was grinding in between his buttocks, pushing deep. Leon couldn't help but moan a little in satisfaction. When was the last time?

Thoughts of Drex were still on his mind, but Jonah was nothing like his brother. Leon didn't want to think about that. Jonah held him for the longest time afterwards. Kissing him, caressing him. His fingers exploring him. Leon sensed his warmth surrounding him.

Leon felt more lost now than ever before, and yet there was Jonah with his arms wrapped around him.


Solo said...
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Solo said...

Leon felt more lost now than ever before, and yet there was Jonah with his arms wrapped around him. >...i love this line...

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Summer said...

this is one of the most romantic post I have ever read in your blog :)

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simon n josh said...

So now..Jonah.

blue hearts said...

I like the update and the other stuff you've done to the blog.

sid n violet said...

Leon just can't help it..sometimes.