Sunday, May 10, 2009

on the way home

Leon was angry with himself. He just needed to be left alone, but as it was he wanted to hurt himself. He didn't deserve to go to sleep. He didn't deserve to shower and be clean. He was nothing.

What had he done? Cher would never be herself again. She was blind now. It was all his fault.

He was a scheming, contriving bastard ...that's what he was. To lead her astray like that and with Jonah. Leon disgusted himself now. He was hopeless. Unsure. What was he to do with himself now. It seemed everything he touched he ruined.

He squinted hard as the tears came. Feeling himself crumble, he knew he had to get out of the flat. He needed fresh air. To be alone. To think. Yet he wanted no one see him. He wanted to be no one.

He pushed his fingers back through his auburn hair and headed toward the elevator. Which was obviously a mistake. But he was alone when he got on. And when the elevator stopped on some one's floor, guess who got on?

It was Jonah.

Leon looked at him as if he'd never seen him before. Didn't want to know him. They were strangers.

Jonah said nothing, either. His clenched jaw. They were nothing to each other.

Leon was sure he could spit bitterness right at him. It would be a matter of minutes, and they would go their separate ways. Untouched. Like two ships passing through the night. It was as if they would have never been there.

And then the elevator stopped. Suddenly. A light flickered up above. It was dim.

"This never happens." Jonah said under his breath as he started to mash buttons. Leon didn't budge. He remained silent without expression. Completely still.

"Why? Why haven't you taken any of my messages?" Jonah grabbed Leon by the collar of his jacket then and pushed him hard against the elevator wall.

Leon hardly gave him an impish grin.

"Bastard!" Leon flung Jonah away from him to the other corner. "I can't stand to even look at you."

"What?" Jonah looked hurt when he winced.

"You heard me, you pathetic little rich kid." Leon growled back getting into Jonah's face, shoving him against the wall. "I want to kill you." His arm tightened against Jonah's throat.

Jonah gave him a silly little grin as if he could take whatever Leon felt like giving. Even a choke hold.

"I don't believe you." Jonah sputtered back. "You missed me, and you know it."

Leon let go looking at him in disgust.

"You don't know, do you? You don't know what you've done to Cher." Leon shook his head. "I hate you! I hate you for what you did!"

"I did nothing to Cher." He told Leon. "I never touched her. She found the whole place fascinating. She loved it. It wasn't my fault that she wanted to stay." Jonah looked him in the eye. His hands grabbed the sides of Leon's face and pulled him in. He kissed Leon hard. It was irresistible and Leon hated himself more that he'd let Jonah in.


ellie said...

wooooo...what could happen next? cool update.

Cait said...

Looks like Leon is back but so is Jonah.