Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Jonah found Leon by the window looking out at the grim street below. He was still undressed basking in the sunshine of the morning. That had to be good sign, didn't it?

Jonah reached for his shoulder, but Leon shrugged him away.

"You know I despise you, don't you?" Leon wouldn't make eye contact with him, but Jonah knew he was still within his grasp. He didn't despise him completely, evidently.

"It doesn't have to be that way, and you know it," Jonah said as he wrapped his arms around him and nestled his chin on his shoulder. There bodies touched. There was no undenying it. It was positively electric.

Leon shut his eyes tight.

"But I-" Leon shook his head, no. "I hate you. I used you. This just can't be." He winced.

Jonah begged to differ as he breathed into Leon's ear. He felt him sway. They kissed then, and it was back where they started.

"We should go away, just the two of us," Jonah looked into Leon's eyes as he pushed his fingertips through Leon's short locks of auburn hair. "It would do us both some good. Lets go where no one knows us. No one has to know."

Jonah shivered as Leon's cock touched him ever so delicately.

"You're good at this, aren't you?' Leon sighed as if he'd need more convincing.

Jonah gave him a quick grin and grabbed Leon's cock.

"Maybe, but its different this time," Jonah told him. They Frenched then in the morning sunlight. It was as if the deal was sealed as he tugged harder at Leon's cock. He's show him he'd never leave him. He's show him he was the one.


another ellie said... I wonder where they'll go.


me too!

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maxxie and tony said...

Maybe Jonah will be good now.

blue hearts said...

I have to wonder where they'll go...