Tuesday, June 2, 2009

at the beach

Leon felt so lazy.

Jonah had driven so fast in his little sporty car that he felt they'd jetted to the beach at some high velocity. As it was they were at Martha's Vineyard.

"We can stay as long as we like," Jonah informed him as he took off his designer shades. He looked so dashing with his light hair wispy across his eyes. "No one uses this place but me."

It was by the sea and very cozy. It was just the two of them. No servants. No noise.

Leon stepped out out of the car then and looked around eyeing the beach. There was a bit of chill and yet it was invigorating.

Jonah showed him in to the three story place. On the second floor was a huge deck right off the bedroom. Really, it was a love nest of some sort. Perhaps not so modern, yet quaint.

Leon smiled. He felt the view breath-taking. If only he could call it his own.

"So would you like a swim?" Jonah looked at him as if he'd go if Leon wanted.

"Swimming?" He couldn't remember the last time he'd went.

"Don't worry, we could go skinny dipping if we like." Jonah told him. "Its a secluded area."

"I'm not sure I really want to freeze my arse off, you know." Leon gave him a sly grin.

"I'd keep you warm," Jonah said.



So they shucked their clothes and made a run for the ocean. The cold was fierce, but Leon followed Jonah's lead and was caught up in the waves in seconds.With his teeth chattering, it was such an awful surprise, but Jonah grabbed him tight and kissed him so playfully as the waves kept coming.

Of course, the little jaunt didn't last long. Quickly they ran back up the beach to the deck and back inside at warped speed. There bodies shaking, cocks so hard, Jonah wrapped himself and the comforter around Leon. Slowly they warmed up with each others kisses. Leon felt he was in another world now. Just his and Jonah's world. He tasted the salt of the sea on Jonah's chest. He couldn't resist to go further. His mouth found Jonah's hard cock, and he could tell Jonah was satisfied as he went down on him. Finally, Jonah began to unwind and yet his eyes squinted so when he came. It made Leon want him that much more. He was certain now his sex burned for Jonah as he his fingers prodded first to see if there was chance he could sense if Jonah wanted him to go on. Jonah let him in slowly. His cock ached for Jonah as he pressed in deep. Before he knew it, he was fiercely pushing so hard between his taunt buttocks. He bit down on Jonah's shoulder as he kept going. Finally, something felt so perfect. There was no going back now.

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Summer said...

Full of love in here.=) Can't wait to see what's next gonna happen.Looking forward on your next post.=)

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