Thursday, June 11, 2009

in the heat of it

Sleep had set in. Jonah didn't want to move. He didn't need to eat. He had everything he wanted, and it was sleeping right next to him.

There were still bits of sand on him. Leon too. Really, a shower was in order, but at the moment he took Leon's hand and clasped his fingers around his morning hard on. He reached for Leon's as well. He kissed Leon softly then and for a moment he really thought Leon was asleep, but he wasn't.

He smiled. His eyes still closed. Leon was funny in the morning, and he loved the chance to play with him, to turn him on. After they made out for sometime in the early morning lull, Jonah led the way to the shower.

It wasn't long until Leon had him soaped up, and they were very much enjoying the steam and the heat. It was then that Leon let Jonah have a go at him after Leon when down on him, giving him an rush to take Leon on there in the shower.

It was exhilarating, leaving Jonah out of breath as his west skin slid against Leon's wet skin. He pushed inside him so slowly. He could sense Leon melt around him. Jonah felt himself laugh inside. Really, it was a splendid fuck on leaving him to want more.

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