Thursday, July 30, 2009


Jonah was half asleep with he realised Leon was getting dressed. It was bright with the sun glistening through the afternoon. Jonah had forgotten the shades in the all window room. He'd liked it so warm and inviting earlier. Now he needed the shade to keep him cool from the haute dreams he was having about Leon.

Really, he felt as if he knew Leon better now. Afterwards. Honestly, he didn't know if he could do it. Was he fuckable, after all?

Granted he liked the doing more than the receiving, until now. Now it seemed as if they were slipping into each other's equal, and he couldn't help but smile about that.

"Come back to bed?" Jonah needed him.

"I can't," Leon said he needed to borrow Jonah's sports car.

"Why?" Jonah winced. What could be so important? Jonah rose up on his elbows.

"I'll be back. Its nothing."

"What? Are getting me something?" Jonah smirked then.

"You wish." Leon smirked back. He came over then and reached across the bed and kissed Jonah so lovely that it made Jonah's hard on wet.

"Can't it wait?" He didn't want Leon to let go who noticed what was hidden under the sheet.

Leon touched the sheet where the bump just grew harder. He bit his bottom lip as he smiled.

"Don't tease me like this." Jonah winced.

"I won't. I just have to do this before I forget." Leon pressed his lips as if he had to be serious.

"Why do you have to remember?"

"I just do." Leon nodded. "But I'll be back." He whispered in Jonah's ear. "Just be waiting for me."

His words gave Jonah a shiver. He closed his eyes then. Jonah hoped it was soon.

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